West Kirby

West Kirby

The name West Kirby is of Viking origin, originally Kirkjubyr, meaning 'village with a church'.

West Kirby is located on the north west corner of the coast of the Wirral Peninsula, Merseyside, England, at the mouth of the River Dee across from the Point of Ayr in North Wales. To the north east of the town is Hoylake, with the suburbs of Grange and Newton to the east, and the village of Caldy to the south east.

West kirby is a great place to visit but does not have many places to stay. There are no formal hotels and only a few guest houses or bed and breakfast establishments.

Abbey House Apartment Hotel is one of the few and is perhaps the best situated of all being close to West Kirby Station, the Shops, the Marine lake and beach.


Windsurfing, sailing and kayaking are all popular local sports. In October 1991, the World Windsurfing Speed Record was set on the West Kirby Marine Lake at 42.16 knots. It was held for 2 years until it was beaten in Australia.

There is also an RNLI Lifeboat Station near West Kirby Sailing Club.

West Kirby Marine Lake is man-made saltwater lake 52 acres in size. A walk around the lake is must for anyone visiting.

Hilbre Island

Aerial View of West Kirby and The Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Cubbins Green Looking to the Welsh Hills


West Kirby and the Wirral coast is noted for it's spectacular sunsets. Watching the sun set over Hilbre Island with Welsh Hills for a backdrop is an unforgettable experience and subject of many thousands of photographs. Every evening the skies serve up something different.

Hilbre Islands

You can admire Hilbre islands from one of the many vantage points in and around West Kirby or take a very enjoyable walk out at low tide. The Islands are made of of Little Eye. a small outcrop of rock. Middle Eye slightly larger and the main Island which has a dwelling and the old lifeboat station. A population of seals lives can nearly always be seen and come very close at times.

View from Hilbre Island Looking down the Esturay towards Chester

View from Hilbre Island Looking across the River Dee towards Wales

View from Hilbre Island looking towards West Kirby